Heat-insulating material KEROLITE 


Ceramic refractory heat-insulating material KEROLITE as a thermal insulation between ceramic casting lines and supporting steel structure is used. It provides perfect placing and fixing of the launders.


  • low thermal conductivity
  • easy application
  • high thermal stability
  • high refractoriness


Bulk density 870 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity (at 20C) 0.10 W/mK
Bond type chemical-hydraulic
Basic components Al2O3, CaO, SiO2, P2O5


Material KEROLITE has two components. The liquid component is supplied in buckets (5 or 10 l), the solid component in PE bags.


It is necessary to mix both components well to keep perfect homogeneity (dosage: 1bucket + 1PE bag). It is recommended to mix these components for 4 minutes. Then you can apply it by pouring. The processing time is 15 minutes. It gets stiff after 30 minutes. It is necessary to keep it 24 hours at atmospheric drying. Then you can use it.


It is necessary to store the material in dry, closed and tempered places. Min. shelf life - 6 months.

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