Separating refractory material ALCAT 70 


Refractory material ALCAT 70 is separating loose material for powdering the casting lines, which are used in processing non-ferrous metals. Its major function is to make possible the easy separating solid metal remainders from the surface of casting lines.


Material ALCAT 70 is applied by powdering on the surface of casting lines, so that it would be created thin layer on the surface of casting lines, which make possible to separate liquid metal from the launders surface. It is necessary to clean (add out the solid metal remainder) the surface of casting lines after finishing every casting cycle and apply the other powdering.


Al2O3 min. 69 %
CaO max. 30 % 
TiO2 max. 0.1 %
SiO2 max. 0.8 %
Fe2O3 max. 0.3 %
MgO max. 0.3 %
SO3 max. 0.3 %

Classification temperature 1000ºC
Grain size 0-0.1 mm


Material ALCAT 70 is supplied in PE bags.


It is necessary to store the material in dry and closed places.

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